Spoken From the Heart

I don't know the reason, but I can almost always read a novel faster than a biography. This was no different, even though I loved this biography, it took me 4 days to read it. I really enjoyed reading about Laura Bush's growing up days, her jobs before she met George Bush, their young married life and, of course, their lives while he was in office. She gives their lives a way different perspective than he did in his biography. He talked basically just about certain points when he had to make a decision and how those decision changed the course of life. She talks about almost everything under the sun. I really like seeing her as a "real" person who likes many of the same things that I do, including reading and watching movies! I was amazed when she talked about her car accident where someone she had known well was killed. How much that one event traumatized her, I can't even imagine being the one driving and the other person not walking away. And then to be really good friends with the person would just make it even worse! I totally recommend this book, I'm so glad that I kept it around our house for nearly two months so that I could get to it!