Shades of Grey

This was a good book, I read it in just a couple of hours as a sick child was sleeping in the other day. This is the 2nd book about Autumn Rain, the first book is Imprints. I would probably do my best to read them in order, it seems like it refers to what has happened before a goodly amount! Autumn has a special ability, psychometry, basically when she touches other people's things, she receives an imprint of what they were feeling when the held that thing. She can kind of "see" what was going on with that person. There are a few rules. The thing must be something the person held a lot. Clothes and anything that gets cleaned regularly don't work. Autumn is a bit of an individual, she doesn't eat processed foods, or white flour, and she likes to wander around barefoot. She owns a little antiques shop, because she likes the feelings she gets when she's around really old things. She has a twin sister Tawnia, who's pregnant, and a boyfriend named Jake who owns the herb store right next to her little shop. One day Tawnia has her neighbor Sophie come to see Autumn. Sophie's husband has disappeared with no warning. Tawnia is sure that something must have happened to him. Sophie brings some things for Autumn to "read." Autumn can see that Dennis left of his own will, but she's unsure why. Tawnia too has a gift, she draws things sometimes that seem to come out on their own, but the end up being what's happened to someone in the recent past. When Tawnia shows Autumn the picture she's drawn, Autumn knows that she has to go see Shannon, her reluctant police contact. This starts a crazy adventure to find out what's happened to Dennis and why. This was a fast paced, enjoyable book to read. I can't wait to read more Autumn Rain adventures!