Prom and Prejudice

I've been wanting to read Elizabeth Eulberg's first novel The Lonely Hearts Club for about a year now, but for some reason our library's never gotten a copy of it, but they did get a copy of her second novel Prom and Prejudice. Lizzie is a scholarship student at the prestigious Longbourn Academy. Scholarship students aren't treated well by those who are paying to attend, they are made fun of and occasionally someone purposefully dumps their drinks on their dresses at fancy receptions (this really happens to Lizzie!) Lizzie's roommate Jane and fellow scholarship student Charlotte are the only two girls in the whole school that haven't been rude or mean to Lizzie. Jane is just a sweetheart, but her younger sister Lydia is another story! When Lizzie meets Will Darcy, who goes to the Pemberly boy's school, at the upperclassmen reception, she realizes that he's no different from any of the stuck up girls at Longbourn. As soon as he finds out that she's a scholarship student he takes off and refuses to have anything else to do with Lizzie. Prom is a big deal at Longbourn with the girls going to fancy designers to have elaborate dresses made for them. Most of the girls want to go with a guy from Pemberly. Lizzie wants nothing to do with the few that she's met. Will she survive her junior year at Longbourn? This was a fun spin on Pride and Prejudice. It was an easy read, I read it in just a few hours. I thought the story was engaging and the characters were really true to Jane Austen style! I really want to read The Lonely Hearts Club now!!!