The Perfect Fit

It's Tuesday again! Our Utah author for this week is Michele Ashman Bell. She's been in the news lately with her Mothers without Borders project. This is the third and from what I've seen online final (:() book of the Butterfly Box Series. I've really loved getting to know fashionista Lauren, Andi the exerciser, Emma, Jocelyn the teacher, Chloe, and their dead best friend from high school, Ava. These girls all went to high school together in St. George several years before the books start. Their friend Ava was in a fatal accident right after graduation as all the friends were on their way to the graduation party. Luckily none of them were in Ava's car that day, but they were in a car right behind her and saw the whole thing happen. Members of the St George police squad didn't believe that Ava's accident was an accident and had reopened the case prior to the beginning of this novel. Right after Ava died, the remaining friends formed the Butterfly girls and they try to get together every year to have a special Butterfly Girls weekend. This book opens with their weekend together in St George. All of the girls were able to be there, except for Emma, who lives in Greece with her new husband. Andi is off to Hawaii to be on a reality show, Finding Mrs. Right, and all of her friends are teasing her about it. Andi never plans on really liking the bachelor on the show, but quickly discovers that she really does like him, but weird things start happening to all the girls, strange e-mails and texts quickly put them on high alert. This was a fun book, a real page turner. I had no idea how it was going to end and I couldn't wait to see how it did. I love this series!