The Mouse and the Motorcycle

This is the latest book that I read with our 5 year-old. In fact, she's sitting here reading it on her own right now. This is a fun book, it brings back memories of the movie that was based on it. I remember Ralph being a cute little mouse, I don't think it was animated, but I don't exactly remember what it was. Anyway, Ralph is a mouse that lives in an almost deserted motel. A few guests stay there sometimes, especially if all the other hotels on the main highway are full. Ralph lives in the wall of room 215 with his mother and his little siblings. One day a boy comes to stay in room 215 and he has a little red motorcycle that Ralph would love to learn how to ride. He tries when the boy is downstairs for dinner with his parents, but is unable to figure out how to turn it on. Instead he coasts around on the little table by the bed, until the phone rings and scares him so badly that he falls of the little table and into the garbage can directly beneath. Ralph is a mouse, and he's uncertain about humans, but the boy Keith seems to be an all right fellow, especially when he allows Ralph to ride his motorcycle down the hallways of the second floor at night. This is a fun book, all the kids love to read about Ralph and his crazy nighttime adventures on the little red motorcycle!