Carol Higgins Clark writes suspense stories, sort of like her mom Mary Higgins Clark does. All of CHC's books have the same central character PI Regan Reilly, and also her family, her husband Jack and her mom and dad Luke and Nora Reilly. In this book Regan and her husband Jack are getting ready to go visit Nora and Luke for Nora's birthday. Regan gets a call from Nora telling her to come right away. Nora's friend Karen has called Nora to tell Nora that Karen's mom, Edna, is selling her home and having a yard sale to clear things out of it. Karen's devastated, she lives in San Diego and can't get to the Jersey Shore very quickly to make sure that her mom isn't selling any of her precious things. Nora assures Karen that she'll take care of it and asks Regan to go with her. A movie star, Cleo Paradise, had stayed in Edna's home just the week before and had left some very interesting things: a few clothes and personal items and a trunk full of ceramic skulls. Edna decides that the logical thing to do with Cleo's things is to sell them at her yard sale and advertise that Cleo's things will be there for sale. She knows exactly what will happen when her sale starts, pandemonium! This was a fun book with several sub plots. I didn't see the ending coming the way it did. I really enjoyed it!