Lemon Tart

This book has been well read! I decided to read all of these books again because Josi Kilpack was having a contest in April to see how many people would blog about her books. The problem is that I had so many books in April from the library and it seemed like they were all 2 week books, so I never got to these. I've renewed the other ones, but this book has holds on it and I can't renew it. I was going to wait until next Tuesday to talk about it, because Josi is a Utah author, but then I realized that it might be my friend who has it on hold, so I'll get it returned pretty quick just in case it is her! These are fun books, I really enjoy reading about quirky Sadie and her crazy family. Sadie is a 56 year old who loves to bake and can cook just about anything. (Recipes included yeah!) She's also a bit of a busy body! One morning, as she's working on her applesauce canning in her kitchen, she sees several police cars drive into her remote circle with their lights blaring and driving at a high rate of speed. So, just like any busy body, she went to find out what was happening. The cars stopped at her good friends house. Ann Lemon hasn't lived in the circle very long, but she was learning to cook from Sadie. Ann doesn't seem to be in her house and neither is her son Trevor, but her car's there. Sadie wonders what the wonderful smell is and then she realizes that Ann is baking a...wait for it...lemon tart! Sadie convinces the police to let her in to take it out of the oven, that's when she realizes that there are things that are wrong at Ann's house. Trevor's shoes are sitting by the door, and he wouldn't have gone anywhere voluntarily without his shoes. Pretty soon the police find Ann's dead body out in a field behind Ann's house and Sadie has to identify her. Sadie starts poking around trying to find out what happened to Ann, but will Sadie survive learning the truth? I enjoyed going back to the first of this series and learning all about Sadie again!