Henry and the Paper Route

Here's my last re-creation blog! This one was scheduled to post Friday morning and everything was just gone....This is another book that I read with our 5 year-old. Henry is kind of a crazy boy, he lives on Klickitat Street along with Ramona and Beezus. I like that these two series are interconnected and I love getting to know Beezus and Ramona better. Henry wants a paper route so badly, the only problem is that he's only 10. The paper route supervisor, Mr Capper, says that boys need to be 11. One day his frenemy (this is such a fun word, sometimes friend, sometimes enemy!), Scooter, tells Henry about a paper route that has just come open. Henry thinks that maybe he will have a chance to be a paper boy, after all, he's almost 11. He decides to go and ask Mr Capper, but gets sidetracked on the way by a neighborhood rummage sale. There's all kinds of neat things on sale, but the thing that really catches his eye is the box of kittens. They are cute and cuddly and Henry worries that after the sale the kittens will go to goodwill like the rest of the rummage sale things. What will goodwill do with those kittens? Henry can't bear to find out. So he buys them all and puts them in his jacket, then he goes to visit Mr Capper. It was so funny when Mr Capper comes out with his dog and the kittens go crazy in Henry's jacket! This was a fun book! I love that even though these books were written 50 years ago, they still seem valid today!