Foggy with a Chance of Murder

It's Tuesday again, so it's Utah author day, I've enjoyed paying more attention to where the authors of the books I read live, I'm kind of sad this is the last one, but I'll still try to be more diligent about paying attention! This book is by G.G. Vandagriff, I've enjoyed reading her previous books and I looked forward to reading this one too! Chloe is an author of best-selling suspense books. She's visiting her mother, who has become an alcoholic in the few years since her father died in a car accident, but her mother's having a wild party with a lot of her friends and those friends are being a little too friendly for Chloe so she escapes to the ocean. Her peace is broken by a man asking her if she's seen a boy, his son. Unfortunately she hasn't, but she doesn't have to look too far out into the ocean to see what appears to be a black rock, that's bobbing in the waves. Her lifeguard training kicks in and she swims quickly to the boy. It's too late though. Chloe feels terrible for the man and decides that she's going to have to find out who he is and do something for him. She finds out his name is Rob and sends flowers for the funeral. When he is able to track her down, they become friends, but someone seems to want to kill Rob. He can't figure out just why. He doesn't think it has anything to do with his sister Ginger, that seems so crazy. It must be that his cell phone plant has become a target for terrorists, but when Chloe gets dragged into the mess, Rob's not sure he'll ever forgive himself if something happens to her too. This was a fun book, it seemed kind of crazy, but I really enjoyed reading it!