English Trifle

It's Tuesday and you know what that means! That's right, it's Utah Authors day again. Today I'm going to talk about Josi Kilpack's English Trifle. I really have enjoyed these books, Sadie Hoffmiller is hilarious! In this adventure Sadie and her daughter, Breanna, have gone to England to visit with Bre's boyfriend's family. Liam is an heir to an earldom in England, turned zookeeper. He works with the bat's in Portland's zoo. I thought that was cool, because we didn't go to the zoo in Portland, but we were right across the parking lot from it! Sadie and Bre are just getting ready to leave, things seem strange all of a sudden though. It seems as though the staff is trying to hurry them off. Sadie decides not to worry about that as she enjoys what is supposed to be their last tea before they head back to the states. As they have their tea, they look around and notice that there is a pair of shoes sticking out from under the curtains. They simply think that one of the staff is spying on them to get them to hurry faster. Well, until they see behind the curtains that someone is pinned by a fireplace poker to the wall and that that someone is obviously very dead! Of course, they can't leave right away and Sadie has to figure out who did it and why, so she gets herself into all sorts of crazy trouble. The best part of these books are the recipes. I made English scones out of this book the first time I read it and they turned out great! These books are fun, you'll grow to love Sadie and her crazy family as you read them!