Devil's Food Cake

This is the last of Josi Kilpack's Culinary mysteries for me to re-read. :( I love these books! Sadie Hoffmiller is in charge of dinner for a library event. They are having a former resident of their town, Thom Mortensen, speak about the book that he wrote just before he moved. Thom had kind of an unfortunate life experience, his wife died and then his son killed the girl that he took to prom and then himself. So, naturally, everyone in Garrison wants to come hear him speak. But Thom is running late, everyone's already had dinner and are working on dessert, a great Devil's Food Cake that Sadie made, by the time he arrives for his speech. His publisher, Mark is starting to introduce him, but there is a problem with the wireless microphone and the wired microphone is set way too tall, when all of a sudden there's a very loud noise and Mark is lying on the floor in a puddle of his own blood. Luckily, the man Sadie's dating, Pete Cunningham, just happens to be Sadie's date and he's there to take care of things as soon as Mark is killed. But will Sadie ever learn to keep her nose out of every one else's business or will she get herself into just as much trouble as she has with previous murders? This is a way fun book. Sadie gets herself into the craziest situations simply by being a busy body! I love the recipes in here! I would love to try the Devil's Food Cake and the frosting recipe.