Captive Heart

I'm amazed by how many books I read that are by Utah authors! Here's another one. Emmalyne is on a train in the middle of nowhere, well actually, Nebraska, but it's set in the 1800's so it might as well have been the middle of nowhere! She's headed to Colorado to be a schoolteacher, when the train that she's on is boarded by masked bandits. She just prays that she will be left alone because of her plain face and clothes. But no such luck. One of the bandits singles her out so she fights to get away from him. She no sooner gets away from him, than she's pushed from behind out of the train by her elderly seat mate. Thus begins her adventure in the middle of Nebraska, with a man that she feels will take away her virtue and most likely her life as well. What she doesn't know is that Thayne, the bandit, is not at all interested in taking either of those things, all he wants is a teacher for his son. The pair have adventure after adventure. This was a fun book. I started reading it the other day after lunch and finished before dinner. I really enjoyed the story, it had tons of action and adventure!