I love to read books that seem scary and that you are constantly trying to figure out who did it. Clair Poulson is one of my favorites. This book starts when Aubree Lansing is 8, she's playing in her parents walk in closet when she hears arguing and a few minutes later a gunshot. She waits for a little bit to make sure that everyone who was arguing had left before she ventures over to peek out. When she does she's terrified. Her father is standing over what appears to be a dead body, he's got blood on his hands and he's holding a gun. Of course, Aubree has to testify at her father's trial and what she saw is condemning enough that her father is sentenced to go to jail. 10 years later we find an 18 year old Aubree living a privileged life. Her mom's a wealthy model and her step-father a renowned lawyer. They live in a big fancy mansion with lots of servants to help them do things. They are about to embark on a cruise as a family, when with no warning Aubree's father, Stone, is released from jail. Aubree is terrified because she's been told by her step-father that her father will be out for revenge against her for testifying. They have a close call when he comes to their house, but are able to get off for their cruise with just a few problems. Neither parent is able to come, so Aubree has to take her younger twin siblings, Ryan and Brandi, with her mom scheduled to meet up with them as they leave on the cruise. That is when the craziness starts for Aubree.This book has tons of twists and turns, it was a fun read with a bit of romance thrown in a long the way!