The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party

This is the newest book in the No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series. These are some fun books. I love the characters! Precious Ramotswe is the lady detective, her assistant/secretary is Grace Makutsi. There is Mma Ramotswe's husband Mr. JLB Matekoni and his apprentices, Charlie and Fanwell. Oh and I can't forget her tiny white van, it's a character too! These characters are all so crazy, I've gotten to the point that I feel like I know them. Mma (I can't remember what this stands for anymore, but it's something to do with respect for mothers) Ramotswe has more crazy cases to solve. She's contacted by a man who's fearful after 4 of his cattle have been found dead in his field. All of the cattle's front legs have been slit and the cattle bled to death. He's so fearful that he refuses to go to the No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency office, so they meet for tea elsewhere. There is a lot of tea drinking going on in Africa apparently. As Mma Ramotswe is out she sees a van, or she thinks she sees it, that looks exactly like her tiny white van that Mr JLB Matekoni made her take to be scrapped a novel or 2 ago, before he bought her a new blue van. The blue van doesn't really have any character, hence the problem with it! She's not sure that she saw her tiny white van, she mentions it to Mma Makutsi who decides that maybe it was a ghost and not a van after all. This is a fun series, but you definitely want to start at the very beginning of the series with The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency or none of these are going to make any sense!