Ramona the Brave

I know that I've read an awful lot of these in the last few months, they're something that our 5 year-old has really been into since the Ramona and Beezus movie came out in January or February. Ramona is starting first grade in this book and she's having the growing pains that come from not going to kindergarten anymore. She has to go to school for the whole day, she has to get used to her new teacher's teaching style, and she's supposed to keep her hands to herself, sit in her own chair, not help others who haven't learned as quickly as she has and be quiet. She's also learning to sleep all alone in her bedroom for the first time in her life. She and Beezus have always shared a room, but now her parents have added another bedroom onto their house, so they can both have their own room. Ramona's never noticed before how noisy their house is and how many scary corners there can be when you turn out the light. This was a fun book, a classic really. How many of us read these books as kids? I know I did!