Miles to Go

This is the second book in The Walk series by Richard Paul Evans. I'm really enjoying this series. It's about Alan, his wife died in the first book, after she dies Alan realizes that he has nothing to live for. His business tanked and he couldn't afford his expensive house, so he decides to walk from Seattle where he and his wife lived to Key West, Florida. The only reason for picking Key West was that it was the farthest place away from his home on the map. Along the way he's met and helped people, people have met and helped him. And some thugs beat him up. That's why in the beginning of this book he wakes up in a hospital in Spokane, Washington. He wakes up and realizes that he's been stabbed in the stomach and that he will have kind of a long recuperation. It will soon be winter and Wyoming winters are brutal, so he knows there is no way that he will get across Idaho and Wyoming before the snows of winter hits. That depresses him a little, but he does get to stay with a really nice woman that he had helped a few days before his accident. Angel is willing to let Alan stay at her apartment while he's recuperating. Alan soon discovers, however, that all is not right in Angel's world. He needs to determine what's wrong and fix it before he can start on the rest of his journey. This was a great book! I enjoyed reading it all. I can't even begin to imagine wanting to walk clear across the country like that. He isn't hitchhiking, he's just walking! Pretty crazy!