Mark of Royalty

This book starts with the King's advisor, Apollo, on a nighttime mission. He's carrying a newborn princess to a friend to care for. The people in this kingdom have been waiting for an heir to the throne to be born. Some have said that they would kill any girls that were the first born. Fortunately for the queen she had twins, a boy and a girl, unfortunately the girl was born first, and without even looking to see a gender, Apollo had marked her as the heir to the throne. In order to save the small princess' life, Apollo also marked her twin brother and swearing any who knew the queen had born twins to secrecy he sets off to meet with his friend Miranda. Miranda is a young widow, so Apollo knows that she will have no trouble leaving her life in this country for a new life in another country. Miranda agrees to take the newborn princess and raise her as her own with no one knowing that she is actually the heir to the throne of this kingdom. She leaves as soon as she can. The next chapter finds her several years down the road with her daughter Sarah, her husband Clyde and their daughter, Felicia. Clyde feels that Sarah is favored by Miranda, but Miranda feels that she's just making up for all that Sarah has lost. When Miranda dies suddenly will her secret of who Sarah truly is go with her? I loved this book. It was a really sweet and satisfying story!