Lucky Change

This was a fun book! Karen's an older single mom, she's worked at Smith's forever, she's got two grown kids and a cute granddaughter. One day, she goes to visit her Bishop to confess her sins, his first thought is that she's pregnant. But then she tries to hand him a tithing check with an awful lot of zeros on it, and he realizes that the terrible thing that she had done was buying a lottery ticket and she won! Her Bishop, Rex, happens to be an attorney so he tells her that she needs to keep quite about the fact that she won and come to see him at his law office the next day. Little does he know that for him, the fun has just begun. Karen had been the ward service project for the whole time her family had been in the ward, and she had kind of a grating personality so there was a lot of making fun of her behind her back going on in the ward. She realized that it was going on, but when she had more money than they all did she didn't try to get revenge, although her kids Austin and Delia wanted to! She wanted to create her own charitable foundation with her money, so she came up with a name to operate under Ann O Nymous, so cute! I was amazed by the things that she came up with to do for others, she created businesses that worked, simply to give people jobs. She bought the home of some people in the ward, who needed to sell because their daughter had cancer and they couldn't afford the treatments and the home, at full price just because they needed the money. This was really a sweet book about what one woman tried to do to make a difference just because she could.