I'll Walk Alone

Mary Higgins Clark is my very favorite suspense author. I was so happy to have gotten this book almost as soon as it came out! Zan Moreland's life has been terrible for the last two years. Two years ago her son, Matthew, was kidnapped from his stroller in Central Park as his teenage babysitter napped next to him. He was 3 at the time. This story opens on his 3rd birthday. Zan has spent all of her money hiring expensive private investigators to search for her son. She's devastated that it's been two years with none of them being able to find him. She's also trying to run her little interior decorating business. Her ex-husband insists that they need to have dinner together on Matthew's birthday, so Zan reluctantly agrees to meet him. Little does she know, her world is about to be turned upside down. Some one has stolen her identity it seems, because there are mysterious charges on her credit card. A plane ticket out of the country, new clothes, furnishings for a job she hasn't yet gotten. Zan isn't sure whether she's crazy or if all these things are really happening to her and it gets even worse when some pictures surface showing that she was the one who kidnapped her own son from his stroller that awful day two years ago. Will Zan discover she's crazy? Or are all of these crazy things really happening to her??!! I love to read this kind of book and know that I'm safe in my own little chair in my own little house. This was a fun book! I enjoyed it. I love how these books are written going back and forth between the good guy and the crazy one that you're not given the identity of. I love trying to guess whodoneit!