Honeymoon Heist

Claire wants her wedding day to Rodney to be perfect, and it's really not even close. I hadn't realized that in England marriages in the Temple are not considered legal. They have to get married in a civil ceremony first and then go to the Temple to be sealed. Anyway, off an a tangent, Sorry! Their wedding day wasn't perfect for so many reasons. Her maid of honor is a tomboy and hated the dress that she had to wear. All kinds of people that neither Claire nor Rodney knew showed up at their reception. And worst of all Claire's ex-husband, Alexander, showed up at their reception - drunk! Little do they know, the honeymoon is going to be worse than the reception! They go to a little island called Majorca, a tropical paradise, for their honeymoon. Claire hadn't realized how cheap Rodney was before their honeymoon and Rodney hadn't realized how much Claire liked to spend either. They'll have to spend some time getting to know each other better, but not on their honeymoon! They are chased all over the small island of Majorca by some crazy people and it isn't until they open up the suitcase that they thought was theirs and discover that it's filled with tons of Euros that they determine why. This was kind of a crazy book. I didn't really like Claire from the beginning. She's selfish and self-centered. Rodney was a bit more likable. I did like Claire more at the end. There was a lot of crazy stuff going on in this book, and it was sometimes hard to keep up with the plot twists, but it was a fun book!