Henry and Beezus

Here's another book that I read with our 5 year-old. Right now Beverly Cleary is her favorite author. I think we've read all of the Ramona series and this is the second or third of the Henry series that we've read. I'm not sure if we ever know just how old Henry is. He doesn't have a bike of his own yet, but he's in school, so he's past trike riding age. I would imagine he's probably somewhere around 8 or 10. He has a dog named Ribsy and one or the other of them is always in a bit of a mess. In this book Henry gets in lots of messes. Ribsy steals the neighbors meat that they were making for dinner for some friends that were coming over. Henry finds a ton of gum and tries to make money to buy himself a bike by selling it at school. That one backfires, because the kids are not allowed to chew gum at school. I love how Beezus and Ramona are included in these books. Beezus and Henry are as good of friends as that age boy and girl could be. They still can get on each other's nerves occasionally though. This was a fun book to read. I wish there were more series like these ones!