The Gate of No Return

Sorry this picture is so blurry! I've had to figure out how to take pictures of books so that they're not blurry and now I may need to figure out newspapers. This is another of the serialized stories that our newspaper publishes. I think that it's cool that they care so much about reading. I've always felt that reading is important and that's why we're raising a couple of readers! This was an interesting story, I found it kind of strange. Our 10 year-old says that she's liked it, but I'm honestly secretly glad that it's over! This is a story about Axle, a Manarkin that lives on the planet Mizmoe, lately strange things have been happening to Axle. He's blown up a science lab, and ruined his schools chances in the Manarkin Marching Band Competition, little does he know that more crazy things are going to happen to him. His father is missing and he's been raised by his mother, a perfectly great mother, all by herself for as long as he can remember. Everything he's ever been told about humans is that they will kill a Manarkin if they touch him. One day his mom drops a bombshell on Axle, she tells him that he's a human cleverly disguised as a Manarkin and that he needs to go through the Gate of No Return to find his father and make everything all right again. There were a lot of strange words in this story, due to the planet Mizmoe being made up, and there really wasn't a good ending to this story. I wouldn't read it again!