The Fourth Nephite

This book is one that I've had on hold at the library FOREVER! I'm glad it was worth the wait. Kaleo is a junior in high school, popular, on the football team. It seems as though he has everything going for him. The one thing that he's not sure of is his Testimony of the Church. He goes through the motions of attending Church and Seminary, but that's all it is. He doesn't read his scriptures, he figures that Joseph Smith just wrote them himself. One day, he's pressured to attend a "party." A big guy on the football team tricks him into hiding out beneath the bleachers with some cheerleaders and some beer. His Seminary teacher finds him there with a cheerleader on his lap and a beer in his hands. Even though he hadn't had any beer, his seminary teacher thinks the worst and who could blame him? Sometimes pictures speak louder than words. Kaleo is terrified that his Seminary teacher is going to turn him in to both his mom and his football coach and that he won't be able to play at the next day's championship football game. It's important for him to play, because there are college scouts coming to watch him play. In order to talk his teacher out of telling on him, Kaleo has to promise to go to Salt Lake City and meet with a guy named Laden. After weighing his options Kaleo decides to go visit Laden. What he finds in what appears to be an antique shop on the streets of downtown SLC will astound and amaze you! I really enjoyed this book. It was a fun read and I had to keep reading to find out what would happen next!