Ellen Tebbits

Here's another book that I read with our 5 year old daughter. I actually remember the plot of this book fairly well, it must have been one of the books that I owned as a child and read over and over. Ellen is a normal girl, she lives on Tillamook street, she takes ballet from Valerie Todd Spofford, she's in the third grade, but she feels that she's the only girl in her whole school whose mother makes them wear scratchy woolen underwear. Ellen must hurry to her dance class to arrive before everyone else so that none of the other girls will guess her secret. Unfortunately, the new girl Austine has arrived before Ellen and by the time she goes into the dance studio it's time for the other girls to arrive, so Ellen does the only thing that she can do to protect her secret, she goes into the cleaning closet to change and hopes that the other girls don't realize that she's in there and open the door. Poor Ellen, unable to keep her woolen underwear up, her teacher's son Otis follows her around and copies her, pulling at his invisible underwear every time Ellen does. As soon as class is over, Ellen hurries into the changing room, grabs her clothes and opens the door to the cleaning closet, only to find Austine already in there and she realizes then that she is not the only girl whose mother makes her wear woolen underwear! That is the beginning of a beautiful friendship for Ellen and Austine, not without it's ups and downs of course! This is a fun book to read, I'm glad that I got the chance to read it as an adult!