Decision Points

This book has been on my dresser for a while now (I think a couple of months, but I really can't remember!) I've wanted to read it, but I've had a bunch of library books to get through, plus sometimes I'd rather read fiction than a biography. Now I'm just sad that I put off reading it for so long! This is not a book describing what happened to President Bush day by day, this book is about his decisions on what he felt were the most important points in his presidency. He describes his life before the presidency, things like growing up, going to school, meeting Laura, their daughters and being Governor of Texas. It also talks about his campaigning to be president. Of course, it talks about things that happened during his Presidency. September 11th, the stock market collapse, war in Iraq and Afghanistan, writing letters to the families of every soldier that was killed in either of those places. There were some funny anecdotes too! Things like meeting U2's lead singer Bono. I really enjoyed this book, President Bush has a great way of writing so that you feel as though you were there. Definitely worth reading!