By Love or By Sea

This book has been out for a while, I remember watching for it at the library, but it didn't ever show up on the online catalog. I was randomly searching for books on the library site a few weeks ago and remembered this title. They had finally gotten it! This was a really cute book. Alice is a young woman who dreams of a young man, the problem is that she doesn't know who it is. Then one day, she happens across some one walking through town. He asks her if the Newmans still live in town. She tells him that they do, and he goes on his way, but Alice has a hard time getting the stranger off of her mind. He bears an uncanny resemblance to Caleb Newman, the young man that she was in love with as a young girl, and also to the mysterious man that shows up in her dreams. Soon she learns that it was Caleb back basically from the dead, because everyone thought that he had drowned when the ship that he was sailing on went into the ocean in a storm six years before. Unfortunately Alice doesn't feel that she can trust Caleb, because he had hurt her feelings before he left to work on the ocean. She's found someone else that she feels she can grow to love. She isn't sure why, but no one that she knows seems to like the man she intends to marry, Clarence, and especially not Caleb. As she falls more and more in love with Caleb, she must find a way to see if she can forgive and move on. This was a really sweet book, it was clean and fun!