Becoming Kate

I found the opening of this book pretty interesting. You meet the main character, Liz and her family Bruce, Megan and Mark and within a page or two Liz has died. She was having a normal Saturday morning, when she was hit by a truck on her way to the grocery store. What I found really interesting was that 3 days later Liz wakes up in an 11 year-old's body. This girls name is Kate and everyone is calling her Kate, but it's a bit confusing for Liz. You see Liz was an organ donor and Kate's brain wasn't working properly so they implanted Liz's brain into Kate's body, thinking they had erased all of Liz's memories, but they hadn't. Liz is terrified to tell anyone that she still has her memories, because she thinks that if the doctors know they will erase her and who knows what it will do to Kate's body, but Liz will definitely be completely dead and gone. Being a mother, I can understand why Liz's main concern is the well being of her kids and husband, so she talks her physical therapist, Marcy, into visiting her family and bringing her the news. It isn't long before Liz realizes that Marcy and Bruce are falling in love. But what can she do, she's dead? I kind of thought the premise of this book was a bit sci-fi for me, but I did end up really liking it. In fact, the end was so tender that it made me cry just a little bit!