The Assignment

Julia is a middle aged mother of 3, she's also employed by Melton Mallon. He's an older wealthy philanthropist, who likes to help people in under privileged countries. He has numerous charities and Julia oversees some of them in the Philippines. Melton's granddaughter Sophie works as a nurse at one of his charities in the Philippines. One day she and fellow nurse, Lily, are taking a break at the mall when they are abducted by two men. Sophie's kidnapping is devastating to her grandfather, more especially since her grandmother is battling cancer and chemotherapy and not doing well at all. So Melton asks Julia to go to the Philippines and put together a group of men to find and bring back Sophie. Meanwhile, Sophie has determined that she's in the custody of members of the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf and that she needs to be very careful of what she says and how she goes about nursing the boy that the group has kidnapped her to nurse. As she watches the others who are captives along with her, Sophie must decide whether or not to have faith that she will be rescued or even ransomed. This was an intense book! I was amazed at all of the situations that came up for the hostages, the rescuers and Julia.