Abish: Mother of Faith

Have you ever wondered about the woman Abish mentioned in the Book of Mormon. There are few verses written about her, but she was obviously a woman of great faith. I love how sometimes books can take a scene from the scriptures and make it seem real, as if those people are still living and breathing today. That was the kind of book that this was for me. Abish is a young woman in this book, she's already helped with King Lamoni's family's conversion to the faith of the Nephites. That happened in Abish: Daughter of God, the first book written by K.C. Grant. Abish is 24 in this book and married to a good man, Jared. He's a blacksmith and she is a healer, though he would rather she not be a healer. She wants children, but as yet has not been blessed with any. But, their faith is a problem for their Lamanite neighbors, who decide to come to war against them. The people of Anti-Nephi-Lehi as they are called have made a covenant with Heavenly Father that they will never take up their weapons of war again, and as part of this covenant they buried all of their weapons. So, instead of fighting, when the Lamanites come against them, they pray. 1000 are killed, including Abish's husband Jared. Great is her joy for her twins born during the fighting. But she is also sad to have to raise her children alone. This is a faith filled story of Abish and her children Jared and Miriam. I enjoyed this book, it was a fun one to read!