The Twilight Companion

I love the Twilight books, so I picked this up when we went to Powells in Portland in September. I started reading it not very long after we got back, the other day I decided that I'm never going to finish reading it so here it is. I'm either going to sell it to one of those places that takes used books, or give it away. It still has the price tag on it and everything. This is kind of a strange book, it does say right on the cover that it's an unofficial guide. I'm hoping that the official guide that comes out in a few weeks is better! This has strange chapters with titles like "I beg you, Please suck my blood." It talks about things like how many calories you would lose if Edward sucked your blood. There's also a vampire quiz and a chapter on how to tell if you've met a good vampire or a bad one. I didn't really get this book, if I had, I probably would have finished it.