One evening Emi is sleeping in her over-protective mom's condo, when she realizes that someone else is there with her. Her mom's in Greece on a cruise, so no one should be there but the cat and Emi. Emi's terrified, but manages to get herself out without getting caught by the robber. The craziness starts when the police allow her back in to have a look around and check to see what's missing. There doesn't seem to be anything missing, but things are moved around. There's a shrine of sorts to a baby Emi on a bed, and her love letters to her friend Daniel have been moved. But a very curious thing is that her mom's letters to her dead dad have been moved. There's also one she's never seen before dated a year after her father was supposed to have died. When she confronts her mom with this new letter, her mom confesses that her father is still alive and gets Emi a ticket to Austria to go find him. What she finds there is way beyond her wildest dreams. Her father, alive, but in hiding due to a mob family and Emi is supposed to be able to save all of them. This was kind of a crazy book, but I did enjoy reading it, it's suspense filled! Definitely a good book to cuddle up with when it snows in March!