A Tale of Two Cities

I did it! It only took me six days, but I actually read all 374 of Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities! This book starts out with a stranger going in search of what appears to be a dead man. He meets the man's daughter and they go across the canal from England to France, there they find the man. He's been a prisoner in the Bastille for 18 years, the whole time his daughter's been alive, and he's kind of lost his mind a little bit. All he wants to do is make shoes, but his daughter is able to charm him out of that and soon, he'll do anything she asks of him, including testify at a trial of someone accused of treason against England. This book was written at a trying time. It's during the time of the French revolution. The French were afraid of everything at this time, including anyone who ever had any money or who ever had seemed to have any money. They begin to kill everyone that they are afraid of and that's just scary, it was during this time that Marie Antoinette and her husband, one of the many Louis lost their lives. Even though it took me a really long time to finally understand what was going on in the book (about 150 pages,) I did end up enjoying it! It's not really a fun book, but the message of love in the end is beautiful!