The Rogue Shop

Chris is a Texas boy, he's graduated from high school and decided to attend the school that's farthest away from where he's grown up and also offers him a scholarship. This happens to be the University of Utah, located in Salt Lake City, much to the chagrin of his aunt whose raised him since his own parents died in a car accident when he was three years old. Since his family's never been well off, Chris takes a Greyhound bus from Texas to Utah. On his way he decides that he needs to call his aunt to tell her that he's sorry that he's gone so far away. He calls from Denver and she makes him swear on the Bible that he will never become a Mormon, which he happily does, because why would he ever become a Mormon?? Life on his own is not quite what Chris imagined it would be. He loses $1400 dollars of money that he's saved up within the first 24 hours of being in Salt Lake and has to scramble to come up with a job so that he can rent an apartment. He tries some places in the mall, but who wants to wear crazy pink furry ears while they're working? Next he tries Stanley Park's Regal Formalwear, a tuxedo shop, where he's hired for not much money, but every little bit helps. He gets the apartment that he wants and discovers that the cute girls that live across the hall are both Mormon, and very nice, they pretty much make sure he eats for the first while that he lives there, but can he get to know them and not turn into a Mormon??!!! This was a cute book, I enjoyed getting to know the characters, I hope that there will be more books about them!