Ramona Forever

Here's another Ramona book, this one was just plain red on the outside, so I took a shot of the inside. In this book Ramona is in the third-grade and she has to go to the Kemp's house after school, because there's no one at her house. Her father's been out of work for a while and her mother works at a doctor's office during the day. She doesn't enjoy going to the Kemp's. Howie's fine, but he always wants to go play and ride bikes with his friends, leaving Ramona with his pre-school sister, Willa Jean, and his grandmother Mrs. Kemp. Howie's rich Uncle Hobart is coming home from Saudi Arabia and Ramona realizes pretty soon after he gets there that Mrs. Kemp doesn't like to tend her and she doesn't even like her at all. Beezus and Ramona decide that they are old enough to stay home alone, just for a little while to try it out. But will they really be able to stand each other for those extra few hours after school?!
This was a fun book to read with our 5 year-old. She loves hearing all of these stories about Ramona. I like that they were written 50 years ago, but they still seem as if they could have been written last week!