The Monument Mystery

I know, this shot is from a newspaper. Our local paper runs serialized stories every week, my oldest daughter and I are a little behind, this story ran in December, but we had a great time reading it within the last few weeks! This is the sequel to The Bear Lake Mystery that also ran as a serialized story last year. Jenny Allen is a normal girl, but she was kidnapped by the janitor from her school and also her bus driver in the winter. Now it's summer, schools out, but Jenny can't get the kidnapping out of her mind. No one ever found the janitor that kidnapped her, but there was another boy who was also kidnapped. Now he's disappeared, but Jenny feels that he's the key to her being able to move on. Jenny's family is headed to Colorado to spend some time with her aunt and uncle at their bed and breakfast, she hopes that somehow while they're staying with her aunt and uncle she'll be able to find some clue to who the boy was and where he's gone. This was a fun story, I highly recommend reading The Bear Lake Mystery first so that this one will make sense. The one thing I found annoying about this story was the proofreading. There were several places where things were spelled wrong and things were left out. I don't know if that was the paper's fault or the original book's fault! It didn't seem as though the story really ended, so maybe there's another story about Jenny and her family in the works!