The Lost Saint

I have been waiting to read this book for months! I really enjoyed The Dark Divine when I read that book last year or maybe longer ago, I can't remember anymore! I love the cover of this book, so fun. The book is about Grace Divine, she's a normal high school girl, who happens to be a preacher's daughter. Well, she used to be normal, then she was bitten by her werewolf brother even as she cured her boyfriend of being a werewolf. Now she has a scar, and super powers that come and go as they please. She and her boyfriend, Daniel, are trying to train so that she is able to have her powers turn on and off when she needs them to not just when they want to. Her family life's messed up, her brother, Jude, ran away after he bit her and things haven't been the same since. Her dad's off searching for Jude and her mom is either not functioning at all, or in "Mama Bear Mode" where everything Grace does is wrong for some reason or other. Then it appears that Jude calls from Daniel's phone and Grace is sure that he's come back to the city and is lurking there somewhere just waiting for her to find him. Her father tells her not to look for Jude, it could be too dangerous, but of course, Grace won't listen she feels that her powers are great enough and all that she needs to find Jude. This was a good book, I enjoyed the story, I just get tired of reading about all these high school girls calling each other a b word. I don't get it, what's the big deal with that? Does anyone know, because all the books like this are doing it?