Henry Huggins

This is another one that I read with our 5 year old, and our 10 year old is wanting to read it too! Beverly Cleary's characters are timeless, and I never tire of reading their adventures! Henry is in the 3rd grade and he rides the bus by himself around town, he has a lot of adventures, but he also gets himself into a lot of trouble. He finds a dog running around that doesn't have a collar and doesn't appear to have an owner, so he gives it a name, Ribsy, and a home with him. But first, he has to get Ribsy back to Klickitat Street, on the bus. None of the bus drivers will let Ribsy on the bus, the first one says that dogs have to be in boxes, so he finds a box big enough for Ribsy, the next bus driver won't let Henry and Ribsy on the bus at all, so Henry waits for the first bus driver to come back. But he has a small problem, Ribsy doesn't want to stay in the box! Pretty soon, he's escaped the box and is busy terrorizing the other riders of the bus. Henry is worried the bus driver is going to make him get off the bus, when all of a sudden, a police car comes up behind the bus with flashing lights, and you'll never guess who they're looking for on the bus! That's right, Henry, he's late for dinner by now, so his mother and father sent the police looking for him. He gets to ride home in the police car that's a plus! This was a fun book, a keeper!