Great Expectations

I can't really say that this was a fun book, but it was an interesting read. I enjoyed A Tale of Two Cities, so I thought I would read Great Expectations also. It's about Pip, he's a young boy, his name is actually Philip Pirrip, but he goes by Pip. His parents are both dead and he lives with his older sister and her husband Joe. One day he's at the cemetery looking at his parent's headstones when he is approached by an escaped convict, who quickly becomes "his" convict. This hard man asks Pip to bring him food and a file from his brother-in-laws tools. His brother-in-law, Joe, is a blacksmith. The convict also asks for food. Pip's sister is not kind to him, so he is terrified to steal food from her kitchen, but the convict tells Pip convincingly that he will kill him if he doesn't return that evening with the food and the file, so he does what he's asked, all the time scared that he's going to get caught and beaten by his sister. The next day is Christmas day and there is a whole table full of company and Pip is terrified his sister is going to miss the food he's taken when all of a sudden a group of soldiers comes bursting in. They need some handcuffs fixed, but Pip feels as though they're chasing him, because he helped a convict. This story shows the way a life can be changed from one simple act or decision. Pip's kindness to the convict follows him basically his whole life, sometimes good things happen because of it, and sometimes bad, but the simple incident changes his life in ways he would never have expected. I enjoyed this book, it's kind of in three parts. I found the first and the third to be most interesting, the middle one seemed kind of long and not as fascinating!