An Engagement in Seattle

I've liked a few of Debbie Macomber books, like the Call Me Mrs Miracle books, so I thought I would try reading this book. It's actually two books in one, a couple of her stories that she wrote several years ago. The first one is called Groom Wanted. It's about Julia, she's an over 30, attractive woman, but she's been hurt before and isn't about to trust any guy with her heart. She's also the president of a paint business. They have an employee from Russia that's kind of engineered the whole new line of paints they are going to be debuting. The only problem is that his visa is about to expire with no way to renew it. Julia's brother Jack decides that the perfect solution would be for Julia to marry Alek. But does Julia want to trust her heart to any one again? The second book is called Bride Wanted. I thought that the plot of this one was kind of fun. Chase is a man from Alaska, it gets pretty dark and lonely there, so he decides to advertise for a bride in Seattle and hope that she is willing to move to remote Alaska and live there with him. Lesley is a young teacher, whose fiancée dumped her for another teacher, her heart is still healing. She meets Chase in a crazy way on the day that she would have married, he stops a purse snatcher for him. The only problem is she thinks that his billboard advertising for a bride is stupid, so Chase doesn't tell her that it's his. But they are able to fall in love between his interviewing for a bride. I thought that both of these books were comical in their stories, I enjoyed the stories, but I thought that there was a little too much detail in some of the scenes. They were basically free of swearing which is a nice change.