The Counterfeit Convert

Tristan is an unemployed advertising executive, he lives in New York with his two best friends, Cole and Austin. They are all kind of down on their luck, but Tristan decides that they need a nice dinner to help them feel better and he's more than willing to put it on his credit card. At the restaurant, he literally runs into Rachel McMillan, she's not very nice to him because she can tell that he's kind of a womanizer, but a waiter tells him her name and her situation. Her father was a wealthy businessman who left things to his three daughters in his will, but there is a stipulation. His daughter's must be married by the time they turn 25 or else they don't get even one penny of money. Tristan sees Rachel as his way to get out of poverty, he decides then and there that he is going to be the one to marry her. The only problem is that she and her sisters are Mormons and he, Austin and Cole don't know anything at all about Mormons. Tristan tells her that he and his friends are Mormons so that they can see Rachel and her two sisters again, and then he has to learn about Mormons really fast. He buys one of those Dummy books called Mormonism for dummies. He only starts going to church so that he can be close to Rachel, but soon he can't tell if there's more than one reason that he goes, could the womanizer Tristan really change and be a Mormon? I started out not really liking this book, Tristan was such a jerk at the beginning that he really annoyed me. I stuck it out and by the end I really liked Tristan. This was a fun book, with several funny Mormon's only jokes!