Anna and the French Kiss

This book was the favorite book of 2010 by the Best I've Read bloggers, and because it was written for kids in high school, I thought I would try it. The premise of the story is good, Anna is a senior in high school that's been ordered to attend a boarding school in Paris by her rich, absentee father. He and her mother take her there from her home in Atlanta and pretty much just leave her there. She doesn't know anyone and the school is pretty small. Luckily it's a school for American kids so most of them speak English. I thought that it would be very scary to be left in a foreign county by your parent's at just 17 years-old. She makes friends with the girl who lives in the dorm room next door and then she meets Etienne St. Clair a very handsome boy, who everyone seems to have a crush on. Pretty soon Anna has a crush on him too and he seems to like her. Unfortunately that was as far as I got. I enjoyed the story but I found the language to be very harsh, especially for a book written for teenagers. So, I didn't finish it, nor will I read more books by this author!