13 Little Blue Envelopes

This was one of those books that I saw on someone else's blog. It looked like a fun book, so I decided to read it too! Ginny is a seventeen year-old, who lives a pretty normal life. Her favorite aunt always was a little bit crazy, she decorated her apartment with garbage. One day she decided to just up and move to Europe, and then she died. One day, Ginny receives a letter in a blue envelope and a backpack from her aunt with some instructions. The first thing she's supposed to do is fill her backpack with things she thinks she's going to need, but she's not allowed to take anything electronic. No cell phone, computer, camera, nothing. She's also not supposed to take any money or credit cards or any guidebooks or language books. Then she's supposed to use some money that was in the envelope to buy a passport and a ticket to London. She's supposed to pack up and leave her parents, her school, and her life for who knows how long, and not knowing a soul just show up on people's doorsteps. On her way to the airport, she's supposed to pick up a package from the restaurant that was under her aunt's apartment. This turns out to be a packing envelope stuffed with 13 little blue envelopes, all numbered. Number one tells her that each contains a task and that she's not to open any more until she completes the task in each envelope. Eventually this will lead her across several European countries, places people dream of visiting! This was a fun book! I really loved the premise, I want to take a trip across Europe like Ginny's, except maybe with money and camera's, cell phones, and probably my family. There wasn't much swearing in this one, so that was nice, there was a little bit of sex talk, but nothing descriptive.