Smoke Screen

I don't know what happened to this week, it's just gone! I intended to read a few more books this week, but I think everyone around me just keeps changing my schedule to suit themselves! I spent the first part of the week rereading The Broken Road, I loved it just as much the second time, definitely worth reading! Then I read this book Tuesday and yesterday, but I didn't have two minutes to do anything about getting it photoed and uploaded. So, here it is. These books are awesome, they are all about the Saint squad of Navy Seals. Each of the guys in the Saint squad has a story or two about their lives that are kind of the focus of these books. This book happens to be about Quinn. He has an issue that only one other person really knows about, Quinn was married and his wife, Emily, died not very long after he was married. Only his friend Tristan knows about it and that's only because Tristan and Quinn grew up treated as brothers. Anyway, Tristan's sister-in-law Taylor and Quinn have gone out a few times and Taylor thought that he liked her and that they were going to date, but he got scared and kind of walked away, while she was painting in Europe. She's in Paris doing some paintings and strange things start happening. Someone appears to have died in her hotel room, and she feels as though some one is watching her. It scares her enough that she moves back to Virginia without telling anyone, even her sister Riley. She just kind of shows up at Riley and Tristan's apartment one day. When her new SUV gets broken into within just hours of her showing up in Virginia, Quinn knows she has a problem and then all kinds of scary things start happening and Taylor's not allowed to be by herself even for a few minutes. I really enjoyed this book, it has love, suspense, and mystery, all my favorite things!