The Rogue Knight

Fontaine Pratinia is an orphan living with her aunt Carileena, who's not only mean to Fontaine, she is a woman with loose principals. One night a stranger knocks on the servant's entrance of Fontaine's home. She happens to be standing there and opens the door to find a very handsome, very beaten man. He had been beaten by some vagabonds and in his weakened condition was trying to find some shelter from the very cold that it was outside. Fontaine lets him in and almost immediately he falls unconscious on top of her. Her friends the servants are able to move him into the servant's sick room, where Fontaine intends to keep him as quiet as possible so that her aunt won't find him and force herself on him. Fontaine had already fallen in love with him after only seeing him one time, and falls even deeper in love with him over the days that he's unconscious and she's taking care of him. Soon though, he is well again, and as he's about to leave, her aunt finds him and offers him employment as a coach driver, which he accepts strictly to protect Fontaine. The next thing she asks him to do is to become Fontaine's lover, which he's more than happy to do, because he loves her. But will she ever come to see that he really does love her, or will she just always think that it's only because her aunt's paying him to be? I didn't love this book as much as I have some of her other books, it just wasn't as well written as some of her other books have been. It's not a terrible book though.