The Road Show

This book is small, almost deceptively so, there's only 118 pages, but it packs a very beautiful story of love and redemption into such a small amount of pages. This book is about 5 members of a ward, they all have problems. There's the college student about to get kicked out of his program because his masters project was terrible, but it was terrible because most of his time is spent on the pornography habit that he wants to kick, but isn't sure how to. The mother of 2 young children who feels tired all the time and can't seem to deal with her life. The Elder's Quorum president who can't see why so many people are always needing help, he wonders why they can't just do things on their own. The young man who doesn't fell as if he fits in, he's got long hair and he's, gasp, a democrat! Then there's the older woman with fibromyalgia who has a hard time even walking. The young man with the pornography program is called to be the director of the year's road show, but of course, Satan spends a lot of time telling him how unworthy he is for anything. He's not sure just how he's going to do the job when he feels so unworthy, but he's willing to try, is everyone else willing to give him a chance. I really liked this book, the ending was especially beautiful. I liked how you can see a little piece of yourself in at least one of the characters and when you see how they grow, it gives you hope that you can too!