Ramona's World

Here's another Ramona book that I've just finished reading to our 5 year-old. She loved it, all the Ramona books are fun and totally worth reading. This book finds Ramona at age 9 and in the 3rd grade. She's getting tired of watching Beezus have all the fun of having a best friend and going to sleep overs and parties, she wants to have her own best friend, which she finds in the form of the new girl in her class at school, Daisy. She's able to go to Daisy's house and play several times, she even gets to eat dinner there sometimes. This is the book where we meet her baby sister, Roberta. Ramona is not quite sure how she fits in as she grows up, but her mom and dad and big sister Beezus help her along the way and she's able to make some grown up choices and learn her spelling along the way. This was a fun book, we really enjoyed reading about Ramona's misadventures together!