The Pirate Ruse

Cristabel is a young lady with a wealthy politician for a stepfather, she's abducted in the middle of the night for a reason unknown to her and apparently everyone on the British ship that she's taken to. That ship is attacked by the pirate Bully Booth and she's taken prisoner, in all likelihood to die at the hands of bloodthirsty pirates, but she's saved by another pirate, Navarrone, he's at least not known for being so bloodthirsty, but she's still in the hands of pirates on the high seas with an uncertain future. Can Navarrone figure out why she was kidnapped so that he can determine what to do with Cristabel? Can Cristabel survive being with pirates for so long? Can she keep herself from falling in love with a pirate? This was a really fun book, there were some funny parts, some romantic parts, some intense parts. And of course swashbuckling pirates, what's not to love??!!