Once Was Lost

I saw this book on the Fire and Ice blog, so I thought that I would try it! Samara is a pastor's daughter growing up in a small town in California. Everyone in her father's congregation seems to have a say in how they should spend the money her father is paid to be the pastor, which could be really annoying, and may have been one thing that pushed her mother over the edge. You see, her mother is kind of an alcoholic, and she's been in a bit of an accident. She was told she had to do a rehab program and she's been there just a couple of weeks. Something Sam can't understand is why her dad hasn't told the congregation where her mother is at. That's kind of frustrating to her, because she knows everyone is talking about her family and making their own judgements as to what has happened to her mom. Life seems to go along as normal, and Sam is wrapped up in her own problems, until another young girl from her church is abducted. Then all of a sudden life shuts down, none of the kids are supposed to go anywhere by themselves, and they are expected to search for and pray for Jody. Sam's not sure what to think, she isn't sure that prayer works any more, she isn't sure about either of her parents either. I enjoyed this book, it was fairly clean, a little bit of blaspheme and one scriptural swear word. I'm not sure that I'd let my 10 year-old read it, but maybe a 15 or 16 year old would enjoy this book.