This is one of those books that I had to read again. This is by the same author that wrote The Broken Road and it has a lot of the same characters. Poor Sophie, things just don't go her way. Her boyfriend has just gotten home from his mission and he lets her know at the airport that he's engaged to some other girl, who happens to show up at the airport, too. The ironic thing about that is that her ex-boyfriend decides just a couple of days later that he made a big mistake asking this other girl to marry him before he's ever even been on a date with her. He tries to get Sophie to give him another chance, but by then she's realized that she never loved him that way and she's moved on. Her parents are divorced and it's always seemed as if her father, grandmother, aunts and cousins on her dad's side hated her, but when her stepmother comes up with a way to not only get her out of the mandatory dinner, but get a really cute guy to kiss her at the same time, she starts to wonder if everything is really how it seems with her dad's family. This was a fun book. I know that when it first came out, I read it twice and I really wanted to read it again after I read The Broken Road. I really LOVE these characters, it seems as though they are real people and you know them!