Jaguar Prophecies

I really enjoyed the last book by Phyllis Gunderson, The Mark, so I was kind of hoping that this was a sequel, no such luck! :( This book is about a middle archaeology professor, Matt Howard. She gets an invitation to a Mayan festival in Chichen Itza, but little does she know that the invitation should have been sent to an astrology professor at her college named, Dr M. Hovard. At this festival, she's led into the famed temple at Chichen Itza, where she meets a very old man called the Old One, who tells her that it is her job to warn civilization of the Mayan's belief that the world would soon end. At the remainder of the festival that night she is drugged and branded with what looks like a Jaguar tattoo. Thus begins her mission of discovery, discovering what will work for her and her teenage daughter Marissa, discovering the prophesies of the Mayan people and many other peoples that the end is near. And most of all discovering how to warn her people and the other people on the earth. I didn't really love this book, it was kind of interesting to hear the theories of the Mayans, but beyond that, I found all the astrological references pretty boring. I won't be reading this one again any time soon!